Insulated Concrete Form

Insulated concrete form (ICF)

ICFs offer real choice and innovation. They are designed to provide superior quality and performance to meet your needs.

•Speed of construction
•Energy Efficiency
•Structural Strength
•Sound Barrier
•Fire resistance

*(Picture) Insulated concrete form basement, in south County Dublin, part build of a carbon neutral house.

Reinforced in-situ concrete slab

Reinforced in-situ concrete slab forms the base for all our construction works. Whether using in-situ poured walls, pre-cast or ICF's. This offers great stability and a sound foundation for your basement.




*(Picture) Reinforced Raft Foundation.

Raft Foundation
In-situ Slab
Reinforced in-situ concrete slab

Sheet pileing retaining existing house. Prior to pouring of concrete slab and fitting of basement structure.




*(Picture) Preparing a basement slab in County Wicklow.

Pre-cast, insulated walls

One of almost 80 basements fitted at "Carton House", Maynooth. Pre-cast walls offer strength, versatility and speed of construction.



*(Picture) Basement during construction in Maynooth.

Pre-cast Concrete