Basements by Underground Construction

Maximise your Home space. Install a bright, watertight, habitable space underneath your home. Underground Construction have been supplying and installing basements since 1998.

Underground Construction is a small to medium sized company that specialises in the excavation and installation of basements in all its forms, i.e. in-situ concrete, insulated concrete form and pre-cast. We have been involved in the building industry since the 1990's working on general building and civil engineering projects. In 1998 we started specialising in basements. Having installed over 80 basements in all parts of the country we can ensure you get that special space under your home.


Why install a basement?

With the purchase price of sites becoming an even larger element in the cost of building a new home, it now makes more sense than ever to maximise the square footage of a house by installing a basement. Houses in the United States and Europe have traditionally been built on basements. Irelands own historic Georgian houses all sit above basements. So by building a basement you not only get that extra space but also the foundations of your home.